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Lord of the Rings


Part 1 Prologue
Book 1
Book 2
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List of Characters and Races

Elves have been part of Middle Earth from the very beginning. 
They do not age although they can be killed or lose their immortality by marrying a member of Humankind.
Despite recent traditions, they are not small and although they are close in height to Men, they are more graceful and possess a noble bearing.  They have a great affinity for nature, in particular trees, and they also have a special relationship with the Valar, who created Middle Earth. 
Their influence in Middle Earth has waned and during the time covered by The Lord of the Rings books, many of the Elves have passed out of Middle Earth and gone to the Blessed Realm.
Those that remain still possess great power, however, and their part in the destruction of Sauron was crucial.
Renowned for their mining ability, and their lust for precious metals and gems, Dwarves are as much at home above ground as they are below.  They are shorter than Men, but are stout and tough.
They do not share the love of nature possessed by the Elves, and they are more prone to exploit nature and its resources rather than to protect it. 
Despite their size, they are formidable in battle and their chosen weapon is the axe. 
Their materialistic nature brings out a strong sense of justice in them, and they will take risks in protecting their own interests.
They possess great courage and their exploits on the battlefield are famed.
At one time, these creatures could be found in all wooded areas of Middle Earth, and they are regarded as guardians of the trees.  They are now mainly concentrated in the Forest of Fangorn, and their leader, Treebeard, managed to rouse his fellow Ents and they took part in two significant battles against the forces of evil.
Just as there are numerous forms of trees, so it is with Ents. Some are almost indistinguishable from trees, and others almost akin to Trolls.
Treebeard for example, was around 14 ft. high and helped Merry and Pippin return to their colleagues.
When roused, they can move with incredible speed, and have superhuman strength.
We have already discussed Hobbits in the Prologue, and the story of their endeavors in The Lord of the Rings never ceases to amaze the reader. 
It is certainly true to say that appearances can be deceptive, and despite their diminutive size, they can possess great courage. 
Certainly the five (not including Gollum), that traveled out with the Shire surprised those that they met with their steadfastness, ingenuity and determination.
As it has been mentioned before, they possessed an inner strength, and it should be remembered that three Hobbits bore the Ring for a considerable length of time, Gollum, Bilbo and Frodo, and withstood corruption for a long period.

Man’s influence in Middle Earth has grown in prominence through the ages, but initially their place was behind Elves and Dwarves.
Man’s prominence will now increase as the Elves decrease, and this has been accelerated by the events documented in The Lord of the Rings.
It should be noted that their leaders are fine and honorable Men.
Orcs, or Goblins, are not natural creatures, but they were bred by the Dark Lord as a mockery of the Elves. 
Most are ape-like in appearance, but like the Dwarves, they are skilled in mining, and they are also adept at making weapons of destruction and torture. Their preferred weapon is the curved sword or scimitar.  They have no conscience and their purpose is to deface and destroy.
They are argumentative and often fight amongst themselves.
These creatures come in various sizes, and are formidable foes on the battlefield.
Some shun daylight and can be turned to stone when exposed to the sun’s rays.  In Sauron’s battles with the west, he produced a black smoke to help mask the sun in order that he could utilize Trolls in the battles.
Also known as Strider, he was the last surviving heir of Isildur and rightful King of Gondor and Arnor.  He was also Chieftain of the Rangers, or Dunedain, who unknown to the Hobbits, guarded the Shire and maintained order in this part of Middle Earth.  Like the other Rangers, Aragorn was long-lived and he was to regain his throne in the story.
Daughter of Elrond the Elf, she gave up her immortality when she married Aragorn.
A beast of flame and shadow that lived in the Mines of Moria.  Gandalf challenged the Balrog and passed through death as a result, obtaining more power.
Barleyman Butterbur
The absent-minded Innkeeper of the Prancing Pony at Bree.
These were evil spirits from the Land of Angmar whose King was the Lord of the Ringwraiths.  They captured the Hobbits as they crossed the Barrowlands.  Tom Bombadil ultimately freed the Hobbits.
Bilbo Baggins
He obtained the Ring of Power from Gollum. This story is told in The Hobbit.  He bequeathed this prize to his cousin, Frodo.
Tom Bombadil
Known the by Elves as the oldest and fatherless, he rescues the Hobbits on two occasions, and is suspected as being one of the Valar – those who created Middle Earth. His partner is Goldberry, who is the daughter of a River Woman, and not of the race of Men.
He is the eldest son of Denethor II, Steward of Gondor, and part of the Fellowship of the Ring.  He tries to extract the Ring from Frodo, but fails. However, he dies heroically, protecting the other Hobbits.
Merry Brandybuck
One of Frodo’s closest friends in the Shire, he was part of the Company, and fought heroically against the Chief of the Ringwraiths.
An Elf-Lord who fought against Morgoth, Sauron’s predecessor in the First Age of Middle Earth, he and Galadriel lived in Lothlorien and created a haven and refuge from Sauron.  He remained in Middle Earth after Galadriel’s departure to the Blessed Realm.
Half human and half-Elf, he lived in Rivendell, another refuge against Sauron. His daughter, Arwen married Aragorn, King of Gondor.
Nephew of King Theoden of Rohan, he fell out with the King, through his friendship with Gandalf. He reigned long as King of Rohan, and was ever friendly to the Hobbits in the Shire.
Sister of 'omer, she killed the Chief of the Ringwraiths.
Also known as Treebeard, he was the oldest living Ent in Middle Earth, a guardian of the trees.  He was instrumental in winning the war in the west against Saruman and his army.
Denethor II’s second son, who became Steward of Gondor for a very short period, until Aragorn was crowned.
A brave Hobbit who takes responsibility for destroying the Ring of Power so that freedom can be maintained in Middle Earth.
She originally came to Middle Earth to fight Morgoth and remained to set up a refuge in Lothlorien with her consort Celeborn.  She was instrumental in assisting the Company of the Ring in their quest.
A member of the Wizards originally called, the Grey, and then becoming the White, after his battle with the Balrog.  The Lord of the Rings culminates in a battle of wits between Gandalf and Sauron.
A representative of the Dwarves in the Company of the Ring.
Originally a Hobbit known as Smeagol, he was turned into a grotesque creature due to his possession of the Ring of Power over a long period of time. For many years he searched for the Ring in order to possess it again. 
Lord of the Eagles, he appears as a rescuer in the Hobbit, and later in The Lord of the Rings, coming to Gandalf, and Frodo and Sam’s aid.
The Elves’ representative in the Fellowship of the Ring.
Known as the Great Enemy, he stole from the Valinor, silmarilli from which he made the Rings of Power. He was defeated in the First Age, but his servant, Sauron, continued his evil work.
Nine Men wore Rings of Power in Sauron’s service.  The price they paid was losing their humanity and they became permanently invisible to the human eye. They were then known as Ringwraiths, and Sauron used them to gather information and control his forces.
Pippin Took
Close friend of Frodo, he was one of the Fellowship of the Ring. He became a Knight of Gondor and fought valiantly killing a giant Troll in front of the Black Gate.
Sam Gamgee
Frodo’s loyal servant and faithful friend throughout his journey to Mordor, he received high honor in Gondor and enjoyed a long career as Mayor of the Shire.  He was a Ring bearer for a very short time, and like his master, was taken to the Blessed Realm.
Originally Saruman the White, he was corrupted by his desire to obtain the Ring of Power, and as a result lost his powers and became mortal.
Servant of Morgoth, he was driven by the acquisition of absolute power, which would be obtained by regaining his Ring of Power.  He lost this in his battle with Isildur who cut his hand off and thus the Ring was lost.
A giant spider which guarded the back entrance to Mordor, she would paralyze her victims and suck their blood.
The Valar were instrumental in the creation of Middle Earth. They live in the Blessed Realm, also known as the Undying Lands. They assumed the physical bodies of Elves or Men, and Wizards were apparently Valar who came into Middle Earth to give assistance against the evil Sauron.

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