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Lord of the Flies


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List of Characters


He is the protagonist of Lord of the Flies and a natural leader. Ralph is twelve years old, tall, blond, and attractive. After discovering the conch shell, the boys elect him as their leader. Throughout the novel Ralph tries to establish order and focus on rescue. He decides that a boy can only speak at the meetings if he is holding the conch shell. He wants to keep the fire on the mountain going so that if a plane passes, the boys can be saved. He also encourages the boys to build huts. He is very much a true human because although he tries to maintain order, he is often tempted by the indulgences of the other boys. He occasionally makes foolish mistakes, such as joining in with the hysteria of the other boys and killing Simon. When Jack forms a separate, rival group whose focus is on hunting and savagery rather than rescue, Ralph fights against the superstition and the terror of the other boys. When the numbers in his party begin to diminish, Ralph is left to survive on his own in the forest being chased by the transformed savage boys.


Piggy is a fat, asthmatic boy who wears glasses and is a typical "sissy." He is scientific and an intellectual and is not accepted by the other boys. He quickly befriends Ralph and recognizes that he can express his views through Ralph. The taunting by the boys escalates to beatings and having his glasses stolen. Eventually, Piggy is killed.


Jack is the antagonist of Lord of the Flies. He is tall, redheaded, and emerges as the leader of the choir- boys. When Ralph is elected the initial leader, Jack becomes upset because he wanted that position. Instead, he becomes the leader of the "hunters." He opposes Ralph and leads the boys from being civilized young men into being savages. He is malicious and animalistic. As structure breaks down, Jack forms his own separate sect separating from Ralph and the rest of the group. Jack is a cruel bully, who is constantly violent and threatens those below him. Jack is always ready to fight and constantly attempts to weaken others. He breaks Piggy's glasses and leads the others towards Piggy's murder. He brings the boys into mass hysteria and eventually hunts Ralph down like an animal.


Simon is the Christ like figure of the novel. He was skinny and had black hair. Simon was a loner who often experienced fainting spells. He would wander into the jungle to think by himself. Simon sees beyond the surface of things. The other boys were indifferent towards Simon for he was not extremely social. He helped others with necessary chores, such as building the huts and taking care of the littleuns. As the novel goes on Simon is gradually alienated. Simon becomes brave in the face of danger, as he is the only character to confront the beastie and find out the truth. After a traumatic hallucinating experience with the Lord of the Flies, Simon discovers the parachutist whom the rest of the boys had thought was a monster. Before he can convey this information, he is brutally murdered being ironically mistaken for the beast. It is Simon who truly understands the nature of the beast that they all fear in that it is not a creature hiding in the jungle, but one that is hiding in the subconscious of us all.


Jack's second in command is a sadistic and cruel boy who bullies the littluns and eventually murders Piggy by rolling a boulder onto him. He is unique in that he was the only person to single-handedly murder a fellow boy. He is perhaps the one character who undergoes the greatest change throughout the boys' stay on the island. Being somewhat subdued at the start of the story, limiting him to teasing some of the littluns, Roger at the end of the tale relishes the freedom he now has under Jack's rule to carry out his campaign of sadism and terror.

Sam and Eric

These twins show great loyalty to Ralph right up until the end of the novel and it is only through torture that they end up joining Jack's tribe. They are called Samneric because they are always together and have a tendency to finish off each other's sentences.


Perhaps the weakest boy on the island, being bullied by other littluns as well as bigger boys, it is he who introduces the idea of a beast lurking on the island, living in the sea during the day.

The Lord of the Flies

The book derives its name from a sow's head thrust onto a stake by Jack and his hunters as an offering to the beast. This gruesome image is soon swarming with flies and it comes to represent the primitive nature of Jack's tribe, which is full of cruelty and aggression. When Simon is having his hallucinations, he thinks that the Lord of the Flies comes to life and talks to him. It says 'We're going to have fun on this island! So don't try it on ' or else.' Here the Lord of the Flies is warning Simon not to try and oppose Jack's new order, but to accept the savagery that will inevitably take over the island. Towards the end of the novel, Ralph lashes out against this idol, throwing aside the sow's head, which is now a bare skull, and taking the stake as a weapon to use against Jack


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