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Pride and Prejudice


literature summary  literature summary  Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin Free Booknotes

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Main Characters

Jane Bennett

The oldest of five sisters, Jane is a beautiful, kind-hearted young woman who is attracted to Bingley, and throughout the story, this develops into love.  Their relationship starts well, but when Bingley moves back to London seemingly on a permanent basis, it appears to mark the end of their relationship.

Elizabeth Bennett

Second oldest of the Bennett sisters, like her sister, Elizabeth has the proper decorum of a young lady in Regency society. Although not as attractive as her older sister, she makes up for this with a bright and intelligent mind, and she also has a keen wit, and devotion to Jane. However, she can be na've concerning relationships with men, and she shows prejudice against those who disagree with her views, and disdain for Darcy, mistaking his reserved nature for pride.  However, she eventually falls in love with him and they marry.

Mary Bennett

The third Bennett daughter, Mary’s main interest is reading as opposed to husband hunting, which occupies her other sisters.  She thinks that she has command of the social graces, and in particular singing, but her performance at the Netherfield Ball was embarrassing.

Catherine (Kitty) Bennett

Kitty is the second youngest of the Bennett sisters, who has an irritable nature and joins with her younger sister, Lydia in flirting with soldiers.

Lydia Bennett

The youngest of the five Bennett children, she is irresponsible, reckless and immature, and brings scandal to the family by running away with Wickham.

Mr. Bennett

In some ways a failed man, Mr. Bennett has not secured a financial future for his family after his death.  He prefers to isolate himself from the women of his household, and shows apathy regarding events that take place. However, he does care for his oldest two daughters, and gives support to Elizabeth against his wife, over the Collins’ proposal.

Mrs. Bennett

She is really an older version of Lydia. She is an unrestrained mother and an embarrassment to Elizabeth and Jane at public functions.  Her main aim in life is for her five daughters to be settled, and hopefully one will marry well so that the rest of the family will have financial security in the future.

Fitzwilliam Darcy

He is a wealthy aristocrat who is reserved and sometimes proud.  He is attracted to Elizabeth’s intellect and independence, and he falls in love with her, and his love is so strong that it bridges the gulf between them socially.

Charles Bingley

Bingley is a wealthy man who falls in love with Jane, but unfortunately, he is easily swayed by the opinions of others. Fortunately, one of these is Darcy, and he is in love with Jane’s sister, and if this were not the case, then perhaps Bingley and Jane would not have ended up together. 

Caroline Bingley

Charles’ haughty sister is a jealous and shallow person, and manipulates Jane cruelly.  She vainly tries to ensnare Darcy, but he only has eyes for Elizabeth.

Mr. and Mrs. Hurst

Bingley’s arrogant sister and brother-in-law spend much of their time in Charles’ company.  The two sisters are much alike, and delight in gossiping and finding fault in others, especially the Bennett family.  Mr. Hurst is an inactive man who spends most of his time between sleeping and card games.

George Wickham

He is a handsome officer who is adept at charming the ladies.  His first meeting with Elizabeth is in stark contrast to the one she had with Darcy, and she is immediately attracted to him. He brings disgrace to the Bennett family by running off with Lydia.  He is also shown to be mercenary by making advances to a rich heiress.

Mr. Collins

He is a cousin to Mr. Bennett and will inherit the Bennett home, as Mr. Bennett has no immediate male heir.  He is a minister and has a wealthy patron, Lady Catherine De Bourgh, who is also Darcy’s aunt.  His patron is keen for him to marry. He first proposes to Elizabeth and is rejected, and then is more successful with Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth’s close friend.

Lady Catherine De Bourgh

She is a very rich, arrogant woman who totally dominates Collins and hopes that her sickly, bland daughter will marry Darcy.

Colonel Fitzwilliam

He is the well-mannered cousin of Darcy who also shows interest in Elizabeth, but needs to marry someone with property.

Charlotte Lucas

She is a close friend to Elizabeth, who is practical and intelligent.  She obtains security by marrying Collins.  Her parents, Sir William and Lady Lucas, are the Bennett’s’ neighbors.

Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner

Brother and sister-in-law to Mrs. Bennett, they are well established in society, regarded as an intelligent and cultivated couple.

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